Schematic of a Battery Energy Storage System

One of the key conclusion of our analysis is that the path to sustainable use of renewable needs to have a support system of ESS.  Solar energy generated in the day needs to be available in the night and wind energy generated in windy areas need to be available during periods when wind strength subside.

What is BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems)?
Battery energy storage systems are the keys to effectively link and integrate high shares of solar and wind renewables in power systems. ESS can store excess generation during times of energy over-production. When paired with renewable generators, batteries provide reliable and cheaper electricity in isolated girds which might previously had to rely on fossil fuels for electricity.

At present, battery storage market is mostly deployed in the US, China and EU. Via ESS, power producers can 
1) provide predictable output from wind and solar energy; 
2) less capacity by using electricity stored during off-peak times for usage during peak hours; 
3) lower the overall price of renewable by maximising supply and demand;
4) assist other form of renewables, eg green hydrogen, where electricity is a major part of cost 

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